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We believe that the new headquarters you are looking for is first and foremost about people and this is why we have helped more than 1,000 companies in finding suitable headquarters for the people who work day by day for business development.

ESOP is based on working with people and for people. For people like you that are looking for reliable partners and long-term solutions. We are a dynamic company, with proactive behavior and entrepreneurial thinking, with more than 14 years of experience.

ESOP is a vertical consultant, who professionally assists all the parties involved in a real estate transaction, with a full understanding of the real estate market.

Having one of the largest teams of consultants specialized in the Romanian office market, our company is ready to provide customized solutions to your needs, whether you need an area of several thousand square meters or of several hundred square meters.

ESOP is one of the top 5 players in the office market in terms of the areas traded over the last 3 years (more than 103,000 sqm of office spaces).

We probably have the largest portfolio of office spaces in business centers and villas, more than 3,000 properties, and we believe that we are the safest and most efficient source of office spaces for companies in various phases of business development.

The developers wishing to increase their business efficiency by outsourcing the sale of residential projects, will find at ESOP the expertise needed to efficiently position the real estate on the market, effectively plan and implement marketing and sales campaigns, so that the achieved results to increase their business.

The investors targeting the acquisition of real estate assets, will find at ESOP important resources to assess the real value on the market of office spaces and lands intended for offices or residential projects, so that the investment decision be well founded and generate a return investment above the market average.

Who we are

To help ESOP clients to make the best decisions for their business or their lives, through innovation and efficiency and to make this activity profitable and enjoyable for all those involved in the ESOP business.

ESOP, the wise man of Antiquity and reputed creator of fables, seemed the best choice in 2002, when we decided to found a real estate company which should promote, first of all, the idea of morality and respect in business. The fabulist Esop dedicated his entire life to promoting a set of deep and priceless values in a very original manner. We subscribe to this Code and, inspired by the moral lessons of Esop, we proved that where devotion and seriousness exist, words turn into facts, clients become partners, and the business relation becomes an interpersonal connection based on trust.

Nowadays, when the profession of real estate consultant is taking shape on the Romanian market, we consider even more important that our employees undertake an ethic behavior. The Esop spirit is built up of integrity, communication abilities, self respect, respect towards colleagues, partners and not least towards competitors.

Starting with 2013, ESOP operates in association with CORFAC International – Corporate Facility Advisors – an alliance of entrepreneurial commercial real estate firms that partner to deliver quality and experienced service locally, nationally, and internationally. CORFAC provides experienced services in the fields of office, industrial, retail, investments, multifamily property acquisitions and dispositions, property management and corporate services. CORFAC International is distinguished by the way it manages multi-market commercial real estate assignments on behalf of corporate entities and privately owned companies.

Through this alliance, ESOP Consulting/CORFAC International offers commercial real estate services with market reach in 61 locations in North America and in more than 65 other countries worldwide, through CORFAC’s Principal Membership in FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation – and affiliated independent firms in key markets worldwide. Fact Sheets – over 8,500 real estate transactions annually, encompassing 55 mil. sqm (600 million square feet) and valued at more than 5.2 billion.

CORFAC firm participation is by invitation only.

Mission: CORFAC International leaga relatii intre profesionistii domeniului imobiliar si intre firmele lor, pentru a crea afaceri puternice, bine gestionate si de succes si pentru a intretine un mediu in care brokerii sa prospere prin furnizarea de servicii de calitate catre clienti.

Vision: CORFAC International is a dominant alliance comprised of entrepreneurial firms dedicated to providing superior commercial real estate services, led by principals who operate their businesses in an ethical manner, sharing a common respect and passion for their craft and a commitment to building prosperous relationships among their peers.


  • Principal involvement in transaction management.
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  • Unsurpassed levels of accountability to the client and each other.
  • Independent thinking that is both responsive and nimble.
  • Local market expertise.
  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards.
  • Trusted personal relationships.

Results and Rankings

A Top 2 Brokerage Network by Commercial Property Executive
A Top 5 Brokerage Network by Commercial Property Ne
A Top 12 Brokerage Firm by Midwest Real Estate News
A Top 15 Ranked Most Powerful Brokerage Firm by Commercial Pro
A Top 18 Commercial Brokerage Firm by National Real Estate Invest
A Top 21 Commercial Real Estate Brand by the Lipsey Company

For more information on CORFAC, please visit www.corfac.com

Esop Consulting expertise

Rentals and sales of office spaces 100%
Promotion of residential projects 95%
Real estate investments 90%
Real estate investments 85%

The management team

Alexandru Petrescu
Alexandru PetrescuFounder
Managing Partner, Coordinator of the Investment and Residential Projects Division
Mirela Raicu
Mirela RaicuFounder
Manager of the Corporate Offices Division
Irina Petrescu
Irina PetrescuFounder
Manager of the Middle Offices Division

Our clients