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Stirbei Voda, Bucharest, ID 12288

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Renovated villa available for rent in the central area of the capital. Suitable for private school, polyclinic, recovery center or nursing home.

General property info
11 min
3 min
Rental info
25000 €
20.83 €/sqm
Property details
The school having available for rent the following spaces:
GF (255 sqm): reception hallway of 54 sqm, 6 rooms detached with surfaces 29 sqm, 26 sqm, 22 sqm, 22 sqm, 21 sqm, 11 sqm, 7 toilet groups;
Floor (267 sqm): hallway, rooms detached with surfaces 29 sqm, 24 sqm, 22 sqm, 21 sqm, 17 sqm, 11 sqm, toilet groups, 8 toilet groups and 2 balconies of 2 sqm;
Demi-basement (107 sqm): hallway, 3 camere detached with surfaces 21 sqm, 15 sqm, 14 sqm and storage room of 35 sqm, has natural light; suitable for offices/ storage;
Other relevant info: courtyard of approx. 850 sqm, suitable for parking /green space.

Equipments and finishing

  • Thermopan
  • Parquet
  • Own Central Heating
  • Courtyard
  • Unfurnished
  • Alarm System

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