The ESOP Spirit encompasses:

  • Integrity of our dedicated team
  • Respect for our partners’ time and needs
  • Sincerity in our approach
  • Self – confidence
  • Flexibility, that increases our partners’ comfort
  • Pro-active approach
  • Perseverance in finding the right solution

Acting as a micro-universe, any organization creates in time an internal culture, which helps it function in a harmonious way, motivating its employees and influencing the communication programs.

What defines ESOP best is our deep human dimension and respect for values and principles. Our culture is built up by the people involved; therefore, it nurtures our team’s solidarity and commitment. ESOP’s entire approach gets specific human meanings, clearly distinguishing itself from the regular business procedures.

We posses an adaptable culture of participative type, where the level of formalism is minimal, encouraging the development of the team spirit and respect for each individual in his/hers unique form of attitude. We are aware that the success of our company is the result of the efforts made by each and every member of our team.

The basis of our dynamic development laid on four key elements which define our vision of a successful Business:

People – The success of a business is built on a firm hand shake. Any business relies on the people behind it. Each of them is important, unique. It is what makes our work more pleasant and the satisfactions more intense.

Free market – Is the fundamental premise of the competitive business environment. And its fair referee.

Evolution – Is the key word of any coherent business concept. With the clear consciousness of our mistakes and the knowledge of our successes, we always step forward, seeking better paths.

Win – Win relationships – Is the brief description of a successful partnership. The only long term viable equation we acknowledge. And the one that we trust, that grants us each day enthusiasm, dignity and love for what we do. We are glad each time a request is successfully solved by the ESOP team, leaving behind a close inter-human connection.