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How can we help you

1. We understand all the needs

We use our over 17 years of experience to analyze together all your needs and to prioritize them according to their importance to you.

2. We are only visiting the right properties

We carefully select the buildings in the ESOP database and we visit together only those properties meeting your criteria, in order to efficiently use your time.

3. We effectively negotiate the transaction terms

We use both the experience of ESOP team and the information about the latest real estate transactions concluded to get the best market conditions for you.

We like the clients we work with, and they like us too

We believe that, in real estate transactions, the relationships between people make the difference between success and failure. We are happy with our clients for the successfully completed transactions and we love sharing them.

We have found a careful partner in understanding the space needs of our company, with a good knowledge of the market and concerned about finding viable solutions for the various challenges that have arisen along the way. We appreciate the professional interaction and the engagement of the team that assisted us.

Florin Ciobica
General Manager

We chose to involve the ESOP team as the exclusive broker for the rental project at CSDA Siriului due to company's strong reputation on the market, its large portfolio of clients and the solution-centered attitude. ESOP has promptly rented out all the promoted spaces and has proven to be a professional and trustworthy partner, involved in understanding our project, promoting it in a creative and efficient way.

Daniel Tănăsoiu

We believe that every client who chooses ESOP is looking for a personalized solution to his needs

and this is why we use our entrepreneurial energy to respond promptly to our clients' needs